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Season 4/Episode 7 "William Wilson"

Hey everyone.  Guapo here with another edition of Infinite Wisdom on Boardwalk Empire.  You know the routine by now.  The Monday after the premiere of the newest episode of Boardwalk Empire I sit down on my desk and write greatness and wisdom on this amazing show, yada, yada, yada.  Let's get right into this because I got something really important happening tonight.  (I really do have a life.) Try to keep up because there was a lot of shit going on this episode.

We start off episode 7 with Al Capone shooting a random cop in public and then dipping before anybody can identified.  Al is still hurting because of his dead brother and is taking his anger out on the Chicago police.  (Those bastards.)  He then shows up to Johnny Torrio's office, totally coked up, where he orders his boss an impromptu steak while having to explain himself for the shootings.  Al wants to go after Dean O' Banion believing that Dean is responsible.  Johnny doesn't believe it and tells Al not to start a war with the north side of Chicago.  Later Johnny meets with Dean at his flower shop where they discuss Johnny buying a brewery from Dean and the incident that got Frank Capone killed.  Dean insists that he didn't have anything to do with it.  Later on after Torrio buys the brewery from Dean and signs a contract, the 5-0 busts in on them, arresting them and their men.  Later Torrio gets released and goes to the cat house where Al and his brother are tending to the bar.  Al informs Torrio that Dean got released immediately after getting released and that he was probably the one who called the cops.  Johnny Torrio commands Al Capone to have Dean O' Banion killed.  (Shit just escalated to a whole 'nother level!)

Let's take a detour to AC.  Chalky White is doing well at the Onyx Club and he's doing Daughter Maitland well.  (Ha!)  He asks Dr. Narcisse to extend Daughter's stay in Atlantic City.  Dr. Narcisse allows her to stay if Chalky allows him to open up a United Negro Improvement Association chapter on Chalky's territory.  Meanwhile Chalky's people are growing displeased with him.  At a town meeting, which Chalky doesn't attend (prolly getting his D wet), people are complaining to Dunn Purnsley about Chalky's apathy to the heroin problem in the community.  Dr. Narcisse takes this opportunity to plug his new chapter, to which the people are receptive.  Later at night Dunn catches the deacon leaving the church.  The deacon knows that Dunn is selling the heroin and is on his way to tell Chalky.  Dunn in turn decides to stab the deacon.

Some real quick story lines.  Margaret works for a stock broker and has a routine where she cons guys meeting with her boss into buying shares.  One of the guys she tries to con turns out to be non other than Arnold Rothstein using another moniker.  Margaret is caught off guard and is thrown off her game.  She is later given a one hundred dollar bill as a gift from AR and then a phone call thanking her in advance for her discretion.  Lucky Luciano, meanwhile, has a sit down with Joe Masseria who knows about his time in Tampa.  Luciano tells him he didn't make the deal, but Joe wants Charlie to head back down to Florida to make a heroin deal with Vincenzo Petrucelli.  Back in AC, Gillian is feeling withdraws from going cold turkey with her heroin addiction.  No worries because Roy is taking care of her.  (What the hell is wrong with this guy?!)  Well, I guess they make each other happy so that's nice and dandy.

Let's see what's going on in Thompson territory.  Eli approaches Nucky with the handkerchief that Warren Knox gave him.  You remember, the one with Warren's real initials.  Nucky asks his trustworthy information specialist Gaston Means who tells Nucky that there is no information on this Warren Knox character.  Meanwhile Warren Knox AKA Jim Tolliver, along with J. Edgar Hoover and Esther Randolph (the baddie lawyer), meet with Reemus who is cooperating with them on taking down Nucky.  J. Edgar is a little reluctant but later at a dinner he announces that this operation to take down organized crime was all him.  (Came up that's all me, all me for real!)  Warren Knox is pissed because it was his idea to go after Nucky in the first place.  He goes to vent with none other than Gaston Means, with whom he has some kind of deal with.  (Was that grammatically correct?)  Back to the Thompsons, Willie is getting it in with that baddie.  (Way to go, Willie!)  But Willie is obviously is feeling the pressure over his actions recently.  He storms out of class and decides to drop out of college.  Willie reveals this decision when Nucky comes over and his dad Eli is pissed.  After Willie tells his dad to take his hands off him, Eli smacks the shit out of his son.  (My pops would prolly do the same shit.  I would definitely do that shit if my son gave me some attitude.  Damn, I'm angry at my unborn son!)  Nucky tries to deescalate the situation but Eli is going to discipline his family his way.  Willie leaves home and stays with Nucky.  The last scene is Daughter Maitland meeting with Dr. Narcisse.  Daughter is playing Chalky and running to Narcisse with info.  It was also revealed that Dr. Narcisse killed Daughter's prostitute mother.

Power Rankings
1. Dr. Narcisse (Last Week: #5)
He's encroaching on Chalky's turf.  He has the respect of Chalky's people and he has two minions in Dunn and Daughter who are double crossing Chalky White.

2. J. Edgar Hoover (Last Week: NA)
He's decided to go forth with the Nucky Thompson take down and he's getting all the credit for it.  Plus Reemus is going to cooperate so this plan has momentum.

3. Al Capone (Last Week: NA)
It sucks that his brother died but he finally has the OK to go after Dean O' Banion.  And I'm 90% sure he orchestrated that set up with the cops.

4. Gillian Darmody (Last Week: NA)
Don't get me wrong, I still hate this crazy bitch.  But I'm glad she's getting clean and she's found love, I guess.  Plus I realized there's never women on this power ranking.  (You can all it affirmative action.)

5. Joe Masseria (Last Week: NA)
He only got a few minutes of air time but he is going to have Charlie Luciano go back to Tampa to strike a heroin deal.  Let's keep an eye on this development.

Historical Fun Facts
Let's talk about heroin, a drug I've never tried, mom.  Heroin comes from the opium poppy  which was synthesized by a chemist named Felix Hoffman working for a pharmaceutical company.  He was trying to make codeine but instead made heroin, which as first was marketed as a less addictive form of morphine.  They later found the drug metabolizes into morphine quickly.  In 1914 the Harrison Narcotics Act limited the sale and distribution of heroin to medical purposes.  By 1924 heroin was completely banned.  The moral of the story is don't do heroin.  (It's illegal and shit.)

Closing Thoughts
Al vs Dean!  Showdown of the century.  If there was an episode dedicated just to this war I wouldn't be mad at it.  This is what we've been waiting for this season.  I'm pretty sure Al Capone called the cops on Torrio and Dean to make Torrio give Al permission to go after Dean.  I'm just upset that we were in Chicago and we didn't even see Nelson Van Alden.  Chalky White is in trouble.  Dr. Narcisse really thought this plan through.  I'm a little more interested in this story than I was at the beginning of the season.  Can't believe I'm writing this, but I'm halfway invested on what goes on with Margaret and AR.  Are they going to get together somehow?  Is AR going to lead her back to Nucky?  I'm a little shocked that Gaston Means is working with Warren Knox/Jim Tolliver but then again I'm not.  I think the tension between Warren and Hoover might cause a problem for their little operation.  (Obviously more on Warren's end.)  I was happy to see Esther Randolph again.  I felt like we left her story completely behind last season when she is really one of the more interesting female characters in the show.  The interesting thing about the relationship between Willie and Nucky is that it seems pretty similar to the relationship between Nucky and Jimmy, you know, before Jimmy betrayed him.  Jimmy and Willie both looked up to Nucky as a father figure even though they were not sons of Nuck.  They both dropped out of school and Jimmy went straight to the path of a criminal coming out of the war.  It looks like Willie might head down the same path.

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