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Season 4/Episode 6 "The North Star"

Guapo here!  I'm back with a whole new episode recap of Boardwalk Empire.  Is it just me or is the season really picking up.  After the exciting events of last week's episode, Boardwalk kept the momentum going and delivered another good episode.  It's like when Steph Curry goes for 30 and 13 in Game 2 of the playoff series against Denver and then follows that up with 29 and 11 in Game 3.  (If you couldn't already tell, I'm super excited about NBA season starting again.)  There are so many questions heading into the latter part of the season and I'm here to shed a little light on the subject.  So without further delay, let's get this recap started.

We follow the death of dear Eddie Kessler with Nucky having coffee in New York.  In walks my least favorite character, Margaret Schroeder.  (She's back!)  Shit's awkward between Nuck and Margaret as I would have predicted.  Nucky gives her the news that Eddie is dead and that he has a gift for Teddy.  Margaret is now working in an office downtown and is living with her brother.  It seems like she's trying to live the straight life now, let's see how long this lasts.  (Not long probably.)  After some more awkward interaction the conversation is over and Margaret heads back to work.  Meanwhile Nucky heads back to Tampa to finish the deal with Bill McCoy and August Tucker.  Problem is, Bill killed August a few episodes back and never got around to telling Nucky.  Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky have also come down for this deal expecting to meet with August Tucker.  Bill, however, assures the men that he found a new partner who wants in on this land deal.  They all meet this man in an alligator duel arena type-thing.  Vincenzo Petrucelli is very enigmatic but Nucky agrees to make a deal with this guy.  The problem for Charlie Luciano is that not only does this guy know him, he knows his boss, Joe Masseria.  Petrucelli is Joe's cousin and he knows that Charlie is doing this deal without Joe.  Charlie urges Meyer to back out of the deal with him, also contemplating offing Petrucelli but Meyer has his mind made up.  He is adamant about this deal and decides to continue with the deal and to cut Charlie out, creating a conflict between the two.  (It always sucks when best friends fight.)  Meanwhile at the bar, Nucky is moping about Eddie's death in front of Sally.  Out of nowhere she socks the shit out of him.  Sally doesn't like whiners and she punches him again.  She then proceeds to egg him on until Nucky gives her some of that right hand to the eye.  This weird moment of them strangling each other segues into the two of them making out and then making Tampa love in the kitchen.  In the morning Nucky meets with Bill and Meyer and they agree to the deal.  Nucky reveals that Sally will be managing his business down in Tampa while he is up North.

Back in Atlantic City, Eli and Micky Doyle are raiding Eddie Kessler's old room, looking for the key to his deposit box where he's kept Nucky's money and files.  The two find the key and his note, which is in German.  Neither of them know German so it's almost no use.  Eli goes to the bank to retrieve the possessions of the safety box but they will not let Eli in without permission from Eddie via will or letter.  Warren Knox goes to meet Eli and Doyle because ever since Eddie departed he has no informant.  At first Eli and Mickey dismiss him, thinking that he only wants his cut.  But then Eli decides to use his power as a prohibition agent to retrieve the contents of the safety box.  Hoping to earn Eli's trust, Warren goes to the bank and puts on his bad cop routine and gets what Eli needs.  (I like his bad cop routine.)  Warren returns to Eli with the contents and Eli notices that the money is all there, which confuses him because he thought Eddie might've killed himself because he felt guilty for stealing Nucky's money.  Eli tells Warren he's going to make more of those safety deposit raids and then asks him to read Eddie's letter.  Warren tells him it says that Eddie's son had a baby, which is a lie.  (Duh.)  In one of the most confusing emotional breakdowns of the season, Eli opens up to Warren that he is worried about his son, Willy.  Warren comforts him and hands him a handkerchief.  Unfortunately for him his handkerchief contains his real initials "JTM" which Eli notices.

Over at the Onyx Club, Chalky White is still angrily admiring the singer Daughter Maitland from afar.  She is singing her happy songs at the club rehearsals while teasing Chalky.  This woman is really having an affect on our dude, especially at home.  Daughter decides to go rogue at a show and sing some sad song which causes Chalky to call her to the office.  Let's talk Richard Harrow.  Paul  is visiting the doctor's office where he is told that he is dying.  There he sees Richard Harrow who just got his hand re-bandaged.  The two talk over drinks and talk over the events of that night at the Artemis Club and Tommy.  Harrow is remorseful over the things he has done is his lifetime.  Paul opens up to him, telling him there are things that he has done that he is ashamed of and encourages Harrow to reunite with Julia and Tommy.  Richard goes to visit Tommy who is going on and on about astronomy.  (Kids.)  Julia is a bit hesitant to let Richard back into their lives, but when Tommy asks if Richard is coming home with them, Julia replies, "He's coming."  The last scene is Daughter Maitland meeting Chalky in his office.  He wants her to sing the songs he wants for the club and has complaints about her boss, Dr. Narcisse.  After a heated encounter the two passionately kiss.  (We all saw this coming.)  

Power Rankings
1. Richard Harrow (Last Week: NA)
He's finally reunited with Tommy and Julia.  He's really trying to turn his life around and this new family might be the key to him fulfilling his journey to a clean life.

2.  Meyer Lansky (Last Week: NA)
He's all in on this deal.  No Lucky.  No AR.  He's really making a move as an independent businessman and if this deal with Nucky pans out for him it will make lots of money.

3.  Nucky Thompson (Last Week: #2)
Following the death of Eddie Kessler, Nucky as continued forward with the business venture in Florida and seems to have found a trustworthy and savvy partner in Sally.

4.  Warren Knox (Last Week: #5)
I'm reluctant to put him on this list because Eli is now suspicious.  But on the other hand he was able to earn Eli's trust and gain some information out of him.

5.  Dr. Valentine Narcisse (Last Week: NA)
Even though he wasn't in this episode his plan finally worked out.  He got Chalky attracted to Daughter Maitland.  Chalky and Daughter got together.  Still not sure where this is going, but it worked.

Historical Fun Facts
As we probably know, Warren Knox's boss, J. Edgar Hoover, was head of the F.B.I. until his death in 1972.  Before that he was head of the Alien Enemy Bureau, a division of the Justice Department.  Hoover's job was to arrest disloyal foreigners without trail during World War 1.  In 1919 he became head of the Investigation Bureau's General Intelligence Division.  Their purpose was to disrupt the work of radicals on the homeland.  Hoover rose to power quickly becoming deputy to head of the whole Bureau in 1921 and then being appointed to acting director when the previous director was allegedly involved in the Teapot Dome scandal in 1924.  (That's where we are now.)  Not going to say anything else, although I doubt I'll spoil anything since the show isn't really about J. Edgar.

Final Thoughts
I've dreaded this day but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated.  We've seen Margaret and I know it won't be for the last time.  She's like that ex-girlfriend who keeps coming over to your dorm even though you found a new girl and when your ex realizes that you are perfectly fine without her she starts talking with your roommate, but it ain't workin', bitch!  (Sorry to get personal.)  I like this new Sally broad.  She's a go-getter.  And I think she's going to play a really big role on how this season ends.  I''m glad we finally got to see Lucky but just like that we lose him again.  But this is going to be the first time we really see Meyer without any help from Lucky or Arnold Rothstein.  (This should be interesting.)  We also got to see some Mickey.  The good thing about Mickey is I don't think he'll ever die.  (I hope I didn't jinx anything.)  Warren got some information from Eli, but can Eli tell from the handkerchief that Warren isn't who he says he is?  I'm trying to figure out what Dr. Narcisse's plan is for Chalky, but whatever it is, it's working out.  Finally, I'm glad to see Richard reunited with Tommy and Julia.  He's never been able to have a family like that and Richard's someone who I've rooted for on a personal level for a long time.  Plus Tommy is easily the cutest kid on the show.  And every time I see the little rascal I remember Jimmy Darmody, which was a favorite character of mine until he was killed off.

Boom!  Lot's of shit going on and next week should be more of the same.  Leave any comments you might have in the section below.  Be sure to check out my main blog Infinite Wisdom From El Guapo's Brain if you are into getting your mind blown away by knowledge.  The link is on the right.  Follow me on Twitter @ELGUAPO3, Instagram at CAPTAINCRUNCHTIME and Tumblr at  I'll see you guys next week so stay Guapo out there!

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