Sunday, September 8, 2013

Welcome To The Boardwalk

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!  To those who don't know I am El Guapo, writer of the soon to be world famous blog Infinite Wisdom From El Guapo's Brain.  You should check that out if you like being put on some new knowledge of the world and shit.  I write about a variety of relevant topics that you will want to know about.  If you're just here for this specific blog and aren't in the mood to be put on some new game, you can just check out my first post on my main blog if you want to know a little about me.  To those familiar with my work, welcome to my new blog!  Don't you worry, I will still be working on my main blog.  I just thought it was time for me branch out a little bit.  Expect the same level of quality and genius in my new venture.  (You guys know I don't drop B+ material.)

Now let's talk about this new blog of mine.  If you're here chances are you are a fan of Boardwalk Empire like me.  I've been following this show since season 1 and I honestly think this is the best thing on TV.  Sometime last year in the middle of season 3 I pondered why there were no good Boardwalk blogs.  So I took it as my responsibility as one of the more knowledgeable writers to come up with a new blog.  But uh-oh, we were in the middle of the season and I couldn't just conjure up a new blog mid-season. (Nope.)  So I bid my time and finally season 4 has come and so has my time to shine.  (Again.)  Before we kick off this new blog off, let me give you a run-down on what to expect.  Because this blog requires me to actually keep a schedule I've decided to go balls to the wall and add some structure to this blog.

The Recap
How can I have a good blog on one of TV's greatest shows without a proper recap on what greatness we all just witnessed.  It will probably contain some spoilers so if you want to avoid that watch the episode before you read my blog.  If you haven't watched the episode yet but you want to read the spoiler that's fine with me, I guess.  (That's weird but to each his own.)

Power Rankings
This show is all about who is running things.  We got people fighting for positions of power doing anything and everything possible to be on top.  Why not keep track of who is who on this ladder of power?  I'm not going to include everyone on this ranking, just the people who are making big moves.  (So you probably won't see Tommy on this list.)

Final Thoughts
I'll end every post with some thoughts for you to consider.  Things like where this show might be heading, what are some possibilities, and whatever else comes to mind.  Just a nice summary to check on you guys before we have to wait a week for the next episode.  That doesn't sound to bad, does it?

Okay, so now that we have that settled we can begin this wonderful ride through season 4 of Boardwalk Empire.  My first post will be tomorrow, the Monday after the premiere.  That's how all posts will be so I can give you all a chance to watch the episode in case you were out at your nice's birthday party or something like that.  (That's nice of me!)  Follow me on Twitter @ELGUAPO3 and Instagram at CAPTAINCRUNCHTIME.  I'm also at Tumblr at  I hope you guys are as excited as I am!  Stay tuned for the upcoming posts.  And stay Guapo out there!

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