Monday, September 9, 2013

Season 4/Episode 1 "New York Sour"

Happy Monday!  I'm El Guapo and I'm here with the first Infinite Wisdom for the season 4 premiere of Boardwalk Empire.  At long last a good quality blog on the amazing show on HBO.  If there is only one reason reason to get HBO, it's for this program.  (But there are more than just one reason.)  Last night's episode was called "New York Sour" and it was a more than solid reintroduction to Atlantic City.  My balls were tingling in anticipation for this premiere and I'm sure your genitals were also feeling a little something.  So let's get started!

The episode starts off with these two gangsters heading to Columbus and stopping at a local diner only to be called at their car by none other than Richard fuckin' Harrow.  If you recall the end of last season, Richard is fresh off his murder spree (Still one of the greatest things I've ever seen on TV) and is now following that up with, you guessed it, another murder spree.  He kills another guy in the middle of the episode and shoots him in the face with a gun that had a silencer.  (Am I the only one who didn't know silencers were around back then?)  Meanwhile in Chi-Town Al Capone is still working with Torrio but now he brought his brothers out from Brooklyn.  Plus, Al Capone is mad that a journalist got his name wrong and basically wrote that Al was Torrio's bitch.  (Shit, I'd be mad too.)  So he pays this writer a friendly little visit.

Moving back to Atlantic City, Gillian is trying to reclaim Tommy from Julia who came into possession of Tommy after Richard's rampage.  She's now trying to sell her home/selling her body.  She's a prostitute now.  She has sex with other guys for money.  She's also a heroine addict.  (I don't know why it makes me so happy to write this!)  Eli's son wants to get into the family business, but it doesn't look like daddy wants that.  Agent Sawicki, who we all know is dirty, has a new partner named named Warren Knox.  This new guy is unfamiliar with the way this business rolls, except uh-oh, turns out he was just frontin' the whole time.  Motherfucker kills Sawicki and a bootlegger whose name escapes me.  (He's really not an important character.)  Chalky White is opening his new Onyx and is trying to buy some talent from an talent agent named Dickey, but Dunn Pursley  is gonna fuck shit up for him.  Dickey's wife seduces him only to reveal that Dickey is going to watch Dunn while holding a gun to his head.  Dickey just gets off like that.  (To each his own, I guess.)  Dunn doesn't really like that so he smashes Dickey's head with a bottle and then proceeds to stab him in the neck with the broken bottle.  Chalky isn't too happy about that.

Let's get to Nucky.  He's now a bachelor living in a hotel distant from the boardwalk.  He's pulling the females and is possibly is looking to get involved with Florida.  He has a meeting with Joe Masseria and Arnold Rothstein to have a peace offering after Nucky had killed Masseria's men and tried to get Rothstein arrested.  A cash agreement is settled and it looks as if we have peace in Atlantic City.  Family life looks good.  It seems like broken relations with his brother have finally mended.  On another note, Lucky Luciano has finally left Rothstein to work with Masseria.  At the end of the episode Harrow finally reunites with his sister who was mentioned sometime in season 2.  (I might be wrong about that.)  

Power Rankings

1. Nucky Thompson
Looks like Nucky is sitting pretty right now.  He has peace with New York.  He's made it past his war with Gyp Rosetti.  (I miss Gyp.)  He's in good with Chalky and business looks like it's going well. 

2.  Richard Harrow
Just by the number of kills in the first episode, Richard earned this spot.  I think he holds the record for most kills on the show, but I'm not really counting.

3.  Chalky White
He's in a good position of power.  His nightclub seems pretty successful.  The only thing that can bring him down is possibly Dunn Pursley's fuck up.

4.  Al Capone 
Al Capone is trying to make moves to get his name out there.  He now has the help of his two brothers and is looking like he'll make a bigger splash this season.

5.  Warren Knox
One of the new characters is already getting familiar with the game.  Two kills in the first episode?  Somebody's trying to get on Harrow's level.

Final Thoughts 
Solid start to the new season.  I'm anxious to see what Richard is going to do this season.  (Probably kill more people.)  I think we'll get too see even more of Al Capone and the addition of his brothers can only make this show even better.  Who else missed Agent Van Alden/Mueller?  He wasn't in this episode but he'll probably be in the next one.  You know who else wasn't in the premiere?  Margaret!  And boy was I happy about that.  Unfortunately she will probably back soon.  I am looking forward to seeing how Luciano's relationship with Rothstein and Meyer Lansky develops throughout the season.  And finally, what does Nucky have in store this season?  How long can he stay on top?  There's a new character coming in from Harlem called Dr. Narcisse I'm really excited to see and you guys should be too.

So that's it for this edition of Infinite Wisdom.  I hope you enjoyed my post and of course the episode.  I will be back next Monday after the release of the second episode of the season.  Feel free to leave any comments you might have.  Make sure to check out my main blog.  The link is on the right column.  It's called Infinite Wisdom From El Guapo's Brain.  It's critically acclaimed so you should check that shit out.  Follow me on Twitter @ELGUAPO3 and on Instagram at CAPATINCRUNCHTIME.  I'm on Tumblr at  Have a great week and stay Guapo out there!

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  1. your power rankings should consist of the actual historical figures, thus reflecting the rise and fall of each. However possible within the frame of the show