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Season 4/Episode 11 "Havre de Grace"

Hello people and welcome to Infinite Wisdom on Boardwalk Empire.  I'm your host El Guapo.  Before we get started I just want to give a shout out to the people participating in this blog, whether it be the comment section below or on Facebook or any other social media website.  I really appreciate the support and would encourage you guys to keep it up.  This blog isn't just for me, it's also for you.  (Ain't that sweet.)  The penultimate episode in a season is good at lining things up for an amazing finale.  It looks like we are in for a treat next week.  So without further delay let's recap episode 11 of Boardwalk Empire.

Last week Chalky narrowly escaped death by killing two sheriffs that were sent to kill him.  Now Chalky and Daughter Maitland are on the run.  We open up the episode with Chalky and Daughter in the back of a car with these two black gentlemen in the front.  Chalky and Daughter are being taken to Havre de Grace, Maryland.  More specifically they are being taken to the home of Oscar Boneau to hide out.  Oscar was Chalky White's mentor before Chalky was the most powerful black guy in Atlantic City.  If Chalky is Plato, this Oscar guy is Socrates.  If Chalky is Yeezy, then Oscar is Hov.  Except for the fact that Hov is still a full functioning man.  Oscar is old as shit and can't see his hand in front of his face.  Oscar puts Daughter to work right away cooking and she can't please the man with her dry ass chicken.  (Cut that girl loose Chalky!)  Chalky still believes the his friend Nucky Thompson is the one behind his murder attempt in the last episode.  Oscar reminds him of the advice he gave Chalky about not trusting anyone.  Oscar ain't in a position to help Chalky in the revenge side of the spectrum so the best he can offer is allow Chalky to stay with him.  Later on Chalky and Daughter talk and it's pretty apparent that this affair won't last very long.  Chalky learns that Narcisse is the one who killed her mother and gave her the name Daughter.  The two agree to run away together at the break of dawn but in the middle of the night Chalky wakes up to a lonely bed.  He walks outside to the porch where Oscar is posted and Oscar breaks the news that Daughter just left.  This melancholy moment is interrupted when Oscar hears a noise.  Turns out Narcisse's men found the joint and they are looking for Daughter and Chalky.  The old man gets shot down and Chalky picks up his shotty firing at Narcisse's men.  But just when things look bleak for Chalky, Oscar's men come out with their pieces and come to the rescue.  But if Chalky wasn't mad before, he's steaming now.

Now we move to Gillian Darmody, our terrible whore mother turned terrible whore grandmother turned heroin fiend turned redeemed person.  Gillian makes the tough decision to stop pursuing custody to Tommy.  At long last she is ready to let go of the past.  She goes to visit Tommy one last time though.  (The whole interaction was more creepy than sweet, but hey, that's Gillian for you.)  But after an embrace with Tommy, Richard pops in telling her to get away.  However, she tells him that she knows that he and Julia will do a great job raising Tommy.  Before she leaves, she gives Tommy his dad's dog tags from the First World War.  (Shit made me shed one tear.)  But now she is ready to move forward with her relationship with Roy.  At dinner Roy tells her that he finished the business he came to Atlantic City to do.  He's going to have to move where ever his company sends him.  The good news is he wants her next to him for the rest of his life.  Roy performs the second worst marriage proposal in the history of this series.  (Beat out Nucky/Margaret but couldn't catch Julia/Richard.)  She says yes and it looks like things are looking up for these two.  But then they hit a little speed bump.  An angry colleague of Roy's comes out of the blue looking for trouble.  Roy thinks this man is pulling a gun on him so Roy gets his gunslinger on and takes him down.  Stunned, the two  take off in the car before anyone sees them.  Back in Gillian's mansion, Roy is obviously not taking this whole murder thing too well.  He considers turning himself in but Gillian needs him to get a hold of himself.  In an effort to calm Roy down she confesses to murdering a young man named Rodger back in season 3 by drowning him in her bathtub.  (Bad idea.)  Roy reveals that he is a Pinkerton detective and she just admitted to murder of the first degree.  Several men emerge and one of them is Leander, the Commodore's homeboy.  Gillian tries to make a run for it but the men apprehend her.  And thus ends that boring ass relationship between Gillian and Roy.

Still in AC we are looking at the Thompson family.  Nucky gets a late night call from a panicking Gaston Means.  Means says he has valuable information for a price.  There's a skunk in Nucky's seller says Means.  But Means keeps upping the price the longer Nucky waits.  Fed up, Nucky hangs up the phone.  Means on the other hand gets arrested by the U.S. Capitol Police for perjury.  Nucky decides to invite Eli and his family over for a fun day at the beach.  Nucky brings up what Gaston says about the skunk in the cellar and asks Eli who he doesn't trust.  Eli suggests having a sit down with all the players from the Tampa deal to settle terms and what-not.  Little does Nucky know that this suggestion really comes from Warren Knox's need to have Nucky and all those guys in the same room so he can have a case.  Eli does lose his cool though at the dinner table when his wife mentions a baby-faced home insurance salesman who was at his house.  His explosion makes Nucky realize Eli is the skunk in the cellar.  Later Nucky has a conversation with Willy and tells him whatever they talk about is between just them two.  Before Eli and his family take off Nucky tells Eli to set up the meeting he mentioned earlier.  (This has to be some mega strategic shit.)  The final scene of the episode is Nucky calling Sally that he wants out.

Power Rankings
1. Roy Phillips (Last Week: NA)
Not sure if he should even be proud of this but he got the number one spot.  I'm merely respecting the fact that he did the job he set out to do.  I still think he's a dickhead though.

2. Nucky Thompson (Last Week: NA)
Check it.  He has an ace in the whole in Richard Harrow.  He knows Eli is plotting on him.  He has Willy's full allegiance.  He's the smartest player in the game.  Things are looking up.

3. Willy Thompson (Last Week: NA)
He basically replaced his father Eli in Nucky's inner circle.  Trust goes a long way on the Boardwalk and when you are trusted by the Boardwalk's best player, you're doing something right.

4. Tommy Darmody (Last Week: NA)
We all just want what's best for Tommy.  I don't give a fuck what happens to Margaret and her kids.  But I love Tommy.  I think he'll be happy.  Anyone who disagrees with this ranking has no heart.

5. Warren Knox (Last Week: #3)
Why not?  On Boardwalk Empire anything can happen.  Plus, there weren't a lot of players in this episode.  Who was I going to give it to? Eli? Gillian?

Historical Fun Facts
There was a lot of shit to choose from this week.  I decided to talk about Havre de Grace, the city in which Chalky and Daughter hide out in this episode.  That city is actually pretty important in a American history if you can believe that.  The city's name is French is Haven of Grace.  (Is your city's name something beautiful in French?  No.)  It's located in Hartford County in Maryland is was one of the contenders for the United States capitol.  In 1789 the House of Representatives was voting for a capitol city and the vote was tied between Washington, D.C. and Havre de Grace.  A final tie breaker gave the honor to a place the locals refer to as the DMV.  But there's more for Havre de Grace.  In the mid 1800's this town served as a primary city on the Eastern route of the Underground Railroad.  Runaway slaves would make it to this town and then take a ferry across the Susquehanna River to safe cities.  There's some more shit about this city but that's all I'll give you guys for now.

Closing Thoughts
First off, Roy pulled off such a dick move.  Gillian is one of my least favorite characters in the history of this show.  But Roy's ploy was so fucked up I was actually feeling called "sympathy" for Gillian.  I was actually hoping she would escape from Roy's guys.  The fuck is wrong with me?  I think that chapter is over, for now.  I really like having Tommy in the custody of Richard and Julia.  It's been so painful to watch him over the seasons.  I hope Chalky can hook back up with Nucky.  I've stated before that I love this tandem of Chalky and Nucky.  But Nucky has problems from all different angles.  He's a smart player though and he definitely has something up his sleeve with this meeting with the Tampa players.  I think we have a really exciting finale coming up.

Next week is the finale and the last blog post until 2014.  I'm gonna miss you guys so much.  But I'm going to provide my best effort on the next post.  It's going to be brilliant.  If not I'll retire.  (This shit don't pay anyway.)  Leave any comments you have in the section below.  Be sure to check out my main blog Infinite Wisdom From El Guapo’s Brain.  The link is on the right.  Follow me on Twitter @ELGUAPO3 and Instagram @CAPTAINCRUNCHTIME and I’m on Tumblr at sirelguapo.tumblr.com.  See you guys next week.  Stay Guapo out there!

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